Prince Charles in his capacity as the head of the Prince's Regeneration Trust visited Burslem on the 16th May 2013,he came to the Wedgwood institute.Tracy and Steve(Burslem Pottery) were pleased to be asked to do a demonstration of the techniques used to produce our ceramics.These photographs record that event,we hope you like them.


We would like to thank Alastair Fyfe for taking such wonderful photographs and for helping us to clear the images for use on this website



Steve Shaw meeting Prince Charles, explaining to the Prince how we make everything ourselves,the Prince seemed to be impressed that there were only the two of us producing our ceramics.Steve was also demonstrating how we hand-draw the design onto the vase.




Tracy Bentley the owner of Burslem pottery meeting Prince Charles.Tracy was demonstrating hand-painting,it had already been rumoured that the Prince was going to have a go at painting the vase.


Prince Charles under the watchful eye of Tracy,having a go at Stoneware painting.Stoneware painting with glazes is really difficult and the Prince was worried he was spoiling the vase,but he had no need to worry he did a really good job.


Our favourite photo,we were really nervous,but the Prince was an expert at putting everyone at ease,and i think this photo proves it.We both really had a great day,and from the expressions in this photograph it seems the Prince did as well.



This is the finished vase,we decided to make and design a special vase to demonstrate.The design is of Middleport pottery that the Prince is doing so much to save.This shape of vase is a special limited edition,there are only two,the one Steve was drawing on the day,and the one Tracy and Prince Charles painted on the day.This picture shows the one that the Prince had a go at painting,he actually painted the large chimney above the narrow boat in the front image

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