Special One Off Editions


We are using this page to show some of our special editions,and a range of one off vases.We have recently been producing a special vase,our aim is to reproduce some of the designs that we've already used on the smaller vases,and draw and paint them on to an ex Cobridge Stoneware vase.This vase measures 18 inches/46 cm high,and will be issued as a one off.It will never be repeated on this particular shaped vase.

Harvest Home
795.00 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

We decided to do all our designs once on this large sized vase.This vase shows an harvest being gathered in.The thresher is being driven by a Marshall engine.The straw is tied and then thrown into the horse drawn wagon.Hand drawn hand painted .Height46cm.

Pots,Coal and Steel
795.00 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

We decided to do all our designs once on this size vase.This vase shows the Pots,Coal and Steel design,There is a depiction of a pot bank,a mining pit head,and the buildings of a steel works,also around the base there is a narrow boat delivering goods.Hand drawn hand painted .Height 46cm.

Train Spotters
795.00 GBP
( VAT and shipping costs not included )

This is our latest one of one designed vase,it depicts the Midlander train steaming out of the station,closely watched by two train spotter schoolboys and their dog. Hand drawn & hand painted .This image will only appear on this 18 inch vase once.Height 46cm.




We do offer a commission service,where we can design vases and tiles to your specifications.Here are a few of the commissions already undertaken.

The vase above is a commission that was done to remember the village of Lidice.This vase is now owned by the Mayor of Lidice. 


A commission for our good friend.The deadline was tight,to enable Tracy to have some time to paint it,and to make sure if anything untoward happened to it in firing i had a day to come up with the image to draw it and then sgraffito it.I've said before some vases seem to draw themselves the image just works first time,it was the case with this vase.It proved a great experience for me and Tracy.We were lucky nothing untoward did happen in the kiln,so providing us with a stunning vase.


Blythe Bridge tile

Ann came to visit our studio,with her grandchildren we gave them a tour of the pottery and showed them the methods we use to produce our ceramics.They were really taken by the pottery process,so much so that i think we may have a couple of new potters in the future.Ann ordered a couple of tiles from our six towns range these were Burslem and Longton.She also commissioned us to produce a Blythe Bridge tile,we asked if she could provide images,so she and her grandchildren took some fantastic photo's.We were all sworn to secrecy as these were a surprise Christmas gift for her husband,so you can imagine our surprise when we got this photograph,with the explanation we couldn't wait.

Our ceramics have that affect on people.


The Garden


A difficult commission,but the end result is a very pleasing vase.

The difficulty came from the fact it is a very personal image,someones prized garden and beloved cat.

It came together to produce this really original design.


This vase although not strictly a commission,was suggested by a couple,who came to see us at Reebok stadium antiques and collectables fair,and also at the factory,they came loaded down with pictures,photo's and brochures of Prague their favourite holiday destination.When they saw the finished vase they were delighted with it.

If you do have a favourite place,or an image,you would like us to put on a vase,feel free to come and meet us,and we can discuss the possibility of making your ideal gift.



This is an example of a commissioned vase we undertook for a french restaurateur,even though we had never seen the village where the restaurant was situated,the owner had provided us with so many images,we were able to piece together the positions of the villages main buildings.


This is another vase we produced for the 21st anniversary of The Cricket Memorabilia Society.

This vase is exclusive to the society and can be ordered through them.Check out their website to order.


The Cricket Memorabilia Society has kindly published a piece about us on their website.



The cost of this service is dependent on the size of the vase,and the amount of time needed to fulfil the commission to your satisfaction.

So Don't delay contact us today.

Sold One Off Editions


Pulling Power,a vase capturing a scene of a mechanic having to mend a tractor,yet again.While a local farmer brings along reinforcements,in the shape of two working horses.All of this takes place in the snowy countryside.

This vase has now sold.

Dray(Heavy Load),this shows the drawing,and the vase painted,but before the final firing.

This is the finished vase,it measures 18 inches46 cm high.This design is drawn and painted by hand,and will only be available on this large shaped vase only this one time,it will never be repeated,the buyer of this piece will be getting a real one off original vase.It shows two working horses pulling a dray along a village road.This vase has now been sold.We have said it before these vases really do sell quickly,this vase sold at the Reebox antique and collectors fair.

The Herding


This is the first vase in the one of one series.

It is known as the herding,and shows a shepherd guiding his sheep up a narrow village street,past the houses,heading for the fields in the background.

This vase has been sold.

Ready To Load



This vase is also sold.Ready To Load shows a working boat alongside J and G MEAKINS on the Caldon canal in Hanley.

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